How To Start A Small-Space Container Garden On Your Apartment Balcony

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Container Garden Apartments For Rent Pearland, TXHow To Start A Small-Space Container Garden On Your Apartment Balcony


So you’re interested in starting your own garden, even though you live in an apartment?


That’s great, because having your own small-space container garden is both a fun hobby and a valuable source of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. 


Hobby gardening has become more and more popular as people are becoming more aware of the sourcing of their food – especially produce. And if you shop from the organic section at your grocery store, you know organic produce isn’t cheap.


So how much can you actually harvest from a small container garden? If you do it right and have a touch of luck, you’ll be passing out plenty of peppers and tomatoes to your friends and family.


We’re going to show you three easy steps to get you started then leave you with enough resources to walk you through each step in the process and answer any questions you may have.

Let’s get started!


Define your space


Balconies and patios are perfect spots for a container garden. They’re outside, getting the benefit of the sun and weather. Many times they go unused and if you do have a cozy seating setup out there, a little greenery only enhances your area.


  • Check the sun – Most fruit and veggie plants need 6+ hours of sunlight, so check to see how much sun your area gets throughout the day.
  • Measure the area – you’ll need to know how much room you’re working with so take a tape measure and measure the length and width of your area (remember that you’ll need room to work).


If you’re planning to grow indoors, you still need to do both of these things. Indoors, you’ll have the added benefit of being able to add a grow light to augment your hours of sunlight.


Choose your setup


If you’re unfamiliar with what a container garden is, it’s simple – growing in pots or planters. It’s perhaps one of the easiest ways to garden and plants can be very productive in them. We’ll give you the types of containers and links to more information and where you can buy them.


  • Pots – Choose pots that are sturdy and light, there’s no need for anything fancy. Plastic and fabric pots are a great choice. Fabric is especially good since it gets good drainage and is very light.


Examples of regular pots: here, here and here.

See some fabric pots here and here.


  • Planters – These rectangular boxes sometimes have a raised platform (raised beds) or legs. They’ll give you more growing room for your buck and keep you from having to bend over too much. 


You can see some examples here and here.


  • Hanging Vertical Garden – Make the most of available space by hanging a garden from the wall or railing. 


See some examples here.


Once you know what type of containers you’re going to use, you’ll need to make sure you buy the right size for the type of plant you want to grow.


Here’s a chart detailing the size pots required for different types of fruits and vegetables.


Pick some plants


This is the best part – choosing your plants. It might take you a while though unless you’ve already decided what to grow because you’ll want to plant everything.


Here’s a list of plants that produce well in containers. If your spot doesn’t get a full 6 hours of sunlight and is shaded, here’s a list of plants that will do well.


Here’s a local growing guide so you’ll know when to start your planting.


In the end, it’s all up to you and the local climate, but the choices are many. No matter what you decide to grow, the results will be amazing.


Once you’ve completed these three steps, you’re ready to get started. As promised, here’s a series of links that will guide you through each step of the process from planting to harvesting.


Get ready to get your hands dirty, have a setback or two but eventually you’ll have a successful garden giving you an abundance of fresh produce.





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